Be Careful Where You Donate…

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Most people donate to charities with the expectation that a majority portion of the funds are directed towards supporting issues. Well, some charities are poorly managed with the intent to grow operations and maximize employee profit instead of actually “doing good”. The Tampa Bay Times gathered data on the worst charities to donate and Barry Ritholtz shared some insightful perspective on the issue.

“As the series makes clear, intelligent philanthropy is much harder than it looks. I always advise that before writing a check, you do your homework. Start with GiveWell and Charity Navigator (also check out Evaluating the Charity Evaluators). Focus on what actually helps people, rather than poorly run, self-interested shops that are borderline scams. (Also, check your ego and avoid trying to have a building with your name on the side of it).

And for heaven’s sake, stop giving money to outfits that pocket 90% of the donations, leaving little or no aid for its intended purpose.”

You can view the charity ranking here.

[Photo: theifilestv/TBT/CNN]