Creative Teambuilding for Business Managers

When people are working in a business environment together, they need to be on the same page in order to work with efficiency. Communication is key to any successful team in the workforce. Below are some ideas and activities that managers can use to enhance team building for their employees.

Trust Fall

Team Building Trust Fall

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One of the most successful activities to enhance team building is a trust fall circle. A trust fall circle is where employees stand in a circle and one person stands in the middle and they fall backwards. It is the other employees’ job to catch the person falling. This creates an instant relationship between the employees and is one of the most concrete ways of demonstrating assurance between employees.

Sometimes employees are hesitant to fall backwards, which is why other employees should give them support and motivation. By giving support to the person falling, they will feel more at ease and like they are in good hands. The employees will then feel like they can trust each other while they are on the job.

Ice Breaker

Team Building Ice Breaker

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Ice breakers are perfect for employees who are new to a company. Typically, a new employee will have to state their name and share a little something about themselves. By doing this, everyone will be able to welcome the new employee and make them feel comfortable.

Games should be incorporated into these ice breaker situations. For instance, everyone can stand in a circle. Then, a person will start by saying their name and what their favorite hobby is. After the person has finished, they will point to a new person in the circle. Then, the person will have to repeat what the person before them said and then share their name and hobby. This process is repeated, so everyone in the circle will know each other’s names and something personal about them.

By playing these games, business management enhances their employee’s overall communication in the workforce. People will also feel more comfortable with each other, increasing their output as a whole.

Problem Solving

Team Building Puzzle Game

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In terms of getting employees comfortable with solving complex tasks, problem solving games are ideal. With these games, people will be able to build up their trust and their ability to work together efficiently.

One game that deals with group work and problem solving is called the picture pieces game. In this game, the leader of the group will be asked to pick an iconic character or picture. Then, the leader will cut the picture up into small pieces, so that everyone has their own. They will then redraw the image they have received and enhance the size. After they have finished drawing, they will try to put the pieces back together to create the original picture.

This activity teaches employees how to work separately and then pull their work into one project, which is what real-life scenarios in the workforce look like.

All of the activities mentioned above are great to help employees come together and practice their communication, problem solving, and ability to work in a structured environment. By doing these activities, employees are better prepared for when they are on the job site.


This article was contributed by Cody Quinn.

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