Cyber-Security Threat: Hacking Spree

Chinese Hackers Peoples Liberation China

There has been a lot of attention given to cyber-attacks from a group of hackers that is thought to be funded by the Chinese government. Attack frequency has certainly picked up over recent years: Apple, Bloomberg, WSJ, NYT, Facebook, Twitter, and multiple other firms recently reported that their computer systems were infiltrated.

The firm saw at first hand how the group, dubbed the “Comment Crew”, broke into the computer networks of over a hundred Western corporations and government institutions. Over the course of many years, the cyber thieves targeted nearly two dozen industries, with special attention paid to those in technology and sectors considered “strategic” by the central government. Despite the detailed evidence presented by the firm in its report, the Chinese government denies wrongdoing. (Economist)

Chinese Cyber Attacks Hackers


The Economist recently discussed the security report that tracked the hacks to a PLA building:

[Table: Economist]

[Photo: Motherboard/ChineDefenseMashup]