Hollywood’s View of Wall Street: Money for Nothing

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The Wolf of Wall Street trailer was released yesterday and the film looks very entertaining. Hollywood is pretty much rehashing the Boiler Room story by expanding on Jordan Belfort‘s memoir with a larger budget and modern production improvements.

Belfort’s story is extremely engaging and definitely worth telling. But, in my opinion, the investment and attention given to Wolf of Wall Street would have been more impactful if the film focused on one of the many stories related to current events.

Because of this, I encourage you to follow Money for Nothing and catch one of the screenings later in the year.

“Digging beneath the surface of the 2008 crisis, Money For Nothing is the first film to ask why so many facets of our financial system seemed to self-destruct at the same time. For many economists and senior Fed officials, the answer is clear: the same Fed that put out 2008’s raging financial fire actually helped light the match years before.

As the global financial system continues to falter, the Federal Reserve finds itself at a crossroads. The choices it makes will greatly influence the kind of world our children and grandchildren inherit. How can the Federal Reserve steer our nation toward a more sustainable path? How can the American people – who the Fed was created to serve – influence an institution whose inner workings they may not understand?

The key tenet underlying Money For Nothing is our belief that a more fully and accurately informed public will promote greater accountability and more effective policies from our central bank – no matter the conclusions any individual draws from the film.”

Although Money for Nothing will likely not receive the recognition it deserves due to the fact that, for most people, documentary’s are not as enjoyable to watch as “popcorn” blockbusters, I am definitely more excited.

[Source: Liberty Street Films, LLC]