The Chinese Propaganda Machine

It is known that China maintains tight control of its media.  Censorship has become so extreme even corporations such as Google have refrained from doing business in China.  Now it appears China is trying to influence Westerners views of the country.  Below is page A3 from last Wednesday’s (6/27) Wall Street Journal.

This page is designed to look like part of the newspaper’s reporting with only a few small prints that say PAID ADVERTISING.  The articles make it a point to show that China has been extremely neighborly, has aided in resolving the Euro crisis and remains a storehouse for global economic growth.  What’s not to love right?

Only on closer inspection will you find that the article is paid for and published by China Daily, a national Chinese newspaper.  With this type of blatant manipulation of perception it is no surprise that many find the economic data and figures coming out of China to be suspect.