The Future of Working with Data (Google+ Hangout)

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The ability to make data-based decisions is an essential skill in the business world today. For individuals without a formal education in data analysis or statistics, becoming comfortable around data is a necessity to ensuring long-term career success.

Professor and author Thomas Davenport’s latest book, Keeping Up With the Quants: Your Guide to Understanding and Using Analytics, provides a framework and a guide for managers to help them become effective quantitative analysts. The book, co-authored by Davenport and Jinho Kim, covers how to formulate a hypothesis, how to analyze relevant data and how to develop the habits frequently utilized by the best quantitative analysts.

Software Advice’s Michael Koploy recently hosted a Google+ Hangout with Davenport to discuss Keeping Up with the Quants, as well as Davenport’s thoughts on the future of working with data. You can watch a full recording of the Hangout below:

For a recap and key takeaways from the discussion, you can check out Koploy’s write-up on the Plotting Success blog: Hangout with Thomas Davenport Recap: The Future of Working with Data.


[Photo: bionicteaching/Flickr]